Invaio Sciences Labs is a cutting-edge center of discovery in Cambridge, MA.  Beginning with the understanding of the inner workings of insects to benefit us all, we draw upon a lineage of advancing life sciences to gain a deeper understanding of our relationship with natural systems.
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Poor management practice has broken our relationship with insects. We're learning how much we have in common through-out natural systems. Our impact in controlling that relationship with bugs has had vast unintended consequence on our health and that of the planet. How we deal with beneficials & pests in feeding ourselves is ground zero for a pesticide revolution.


Health & Nutrition

Management practice of insects teems with externalities impacting the health of humans. At Invaio, our approach to dealing with pests and infectious threats evolves antiquated models pervasive today. Volumes of harmful chemicals are currently unleashed impacting food quality, the stability of the planet, and your health.



We’re developing more than methods to control insects which damage crops. We’re invigorating the fitness of beneficials, and investing in natural systems essential to planetary harmony. Through our focus on insects – it’s all about Tree & Soil health.



We make discoveries by investigating nature. These results inspire solutions to pressing problems in food, its production, our health and that of the environment.

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Agricultural Innovators

from Across the Globe

Since the outset of the Green Revolution, in the 1960’s, Latin America has become a world leader in the production and export of key food products such as soybean, pork, maize, poultry, sugar, coffee, orange juice, fruits and vegetables having reached exceptional productivities in the region’s agriculturally conducive sub-tropical climates.

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“It’s a modern twist on the environmental movement that will ultimately stabilize the planet by beginning in the stomach, and ending between the ears.”
― anonymous food system leader

Better For Our Health 

and That of the Planet

using precision technologies and an in-depth

understanding we’re taking a more mindful

approach to insect and natural resource management

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